Zodiac Signs of Riverdale Characters (The Most Extra, In-Depth Zodiac Analysis Edition)

…Because I obviously have nothing better to do with my time.

Look, I grew up voraciously reading Archie Comics. To this day, my nightstand’s bookshelf is filled to the brim with editions of it– I even have a couple in French. I’m also a known fan of garbage teen drama TV shows. When I heard these two glorious things were becoming one, I was stoked. And when I found out it was shooting in my hometown of Vancouver, I was extra stoked. It makes me feel like the comic books I spent my entire childhood reading take place in my own backyard.

Ever since my best friends got me into astrology, I’ve taken to just blaming everything on the stars and trying to decipher the signs of my favourite characters. It’s stupid, but also incredibly fun. I put way too much time and effort into this, but I feel like just assigning someone a sun sign is too vague. Ascribing a sun, moon, and rising sign paints a more comprehensive picture (and hopefully causes fewer people to tell me my personal deductions are wrong). If you’re not a total asshole who’s way too into astrology, like myself, here’s a very basic little rundown:

Sun Sign = Your most basic personality
Moon Sign = How you are emotionally
Rising Sign = The way others see you

Anyway, if you disagree with these, feel free to fight me.


Hookup #4 of season one, who he later calls “the best girlfriend ever” after having dated her for, like, two seconds

Sagittarius Sun: big-hearted, purposeful, tactless, noncommittal

Aside from the fact that he sticks up for people numerous times throughout season one (Jughead, Cheryl, etc.), Archie also can’t make up his mind about whether he should focus on music or football, and also who to date– Geraldine? Val? Cheryl? Veronica? Betty?

ARCHIE pisces moon
So begins the Troy Bolton storyline

Pisces Moon: loving, creative, idealistic, overly sensitive

Part of why he bounces from girl to girl is because he’s a sensitive, idealistic, romantic musician. Sounds like a Pisces to me.

ARCHIE leo rising
Anyway… Here’s Wonderwall

Leo Rising: energetic, optimistic, likes attention, impatient

Despite his indecisiveness, he’s enthusiastic and passionate about music, and enjoys being in the spotlight once he gets over the stage fright. He’s also fiercely protective of his loved ones.


BETTY virgo sun
#virgang, anyone?

Virgo Sun: intelligent, analytical, harsh, judgemental

Betty is repeatedly called “perfect,” and shown to be highly successful and hardworking. She’s also really hard on herself, and sometimes others.

BETTY cancer moon
Totes emosh.

Cancer Moon: empathetic, family-oriented, overly emotional, smothering

Anyone with this placement is going to be emotional as hell. Betty definitely gets torn up by her feelings sometimes, and can sometimes smother others with them, but she also benefits from this placement as it makes her extremely loyal to her loved ones and very empathetic.

BETTY capricorn rising
Only a Capricorn Rising with her Scorpio Moon friend would plan such an overly complicated revenge plot smdh

Capricorn Rising: practical, hardworking, unforgiving, ruthless

If you know a Capricorn, chances are, you think they have their shit together, because… they do. But Capricorns are also complete and utter savages if you cross them, much like Dark Betty.


I refuse to believe that any sign other than Leo would do something this shamelessly dramatic

Leo Sun: straightforward, headstrong, dramatic, dominating

Cheryl Blossom is a top-tier drama queen who craves and commands attention. No sign is more extra than a Leo is. It’s fucking great.


Scorpio Moon: intuitive, emotional, resentful, manipulative

Cheryl is passionate, and knows what she wants and she knows how to get it– whether this is done through honest means or not isn’t something she cares about.

Spoken like a true Fire Dominant

Aries Rising: lively, bold, arrogant, undisciplined

All this girl wants in season one is to revive her dead twin brother, to smash Archie, and to prove her worth to her parents. She comes off as ambitious, passionate, and seductive.



This scene could’ve been greatly improved by having Val and Melody whip out airhorns immediately after Josie said this

Aries Sun: passionate, courageous, stubborn, confrontational

This girl is not afraid to put Archie in his damn place when he does stupid shit. It’s obviously because of that FIERY ARIES POWER. She also mentions that she “loves [her] girl Cheryl,” and it would make sense that two fire signs would get along.

To be fair, Archie fully deserves this condescension

Capricorn Moon: practical, disciplined, condescending, bossy

Josie. Works. So. Hard. She keeps her emotions at bay so she can focus on her music, and can get pretty defensive and condescending towards anyone who questions her.

Aquarius Rising: creative, intelligent, detached, unpredictable

Aquarius is seen as an intelligent and creative sign, but maybe a little emotionally vacant. Sounds like Josie at a first glance.




Aquarius Sun: creative, individualistic, cold, critical 

My deep, irrevocable belief that Jughead is an Aquarius is actually what inspired this whole post. When the emo novelist boy goes on a rant to his girlfriend about how weird he is, while trying simultaneously to detach himself from his feelings and push her away??? BOY IF THAT’S NOT AN AQUARIUS I DON’T KNOW WHAT IS.

When the milkshake machine breaks down at Pop’s

Cancer Moon: empathetic, loyal, fearful, pessimistic

The overly emotional Cancer moon in combination with the emotionless, detached Aquarius sun is a rough one. Jughead is repeatedly shown both trying to avoid having any feelings, and having too many feelings. His family is also very important to him despite their rocky relationships, and he is very sentimental and gives them chances over and over again. Betty sharing a moon in Cancer makes the two super compatible as well.

Not gonna lie, I screencapped this and used it as my Facebook cover photo for a while cause it’s me af

Gemini Rising: intelligent, witty, restless, moody

Moon in Cancer is the most passive-aggressive moon placement, and that plus the intellectual wit typical of Geminis makes for one QUIP-FILLED BOY. Geminis tend to care a lot both about material things and abstract ideas. Jughead tries to uncover the mystery of Jason Blossom’s death (an abstract idea) to find the truth, with tangible results. It’s also another moody sign, just to add to his emotional burden. HE’S DOING HIS BEST, OKAY??



Suave. As. Fuck.

Libra Sun: charming, poised, hopeless romantic, anxious

Libras are the hopeless romantics of the Zodiac. They seek balance and harmony, until they get in way too deep with a Southside Serpent…

Being horrified by the idea of parting from your money and/or possessions is classic Taurus

Taurus Moon: down to earth, dependable, materialistic, possessive

Kevin is a pretty chill, likeable guy, who just happens to enjoy the finer things in life.

Cancer Rising: spontaneous, loving, sarcastic, controlling

Kevin knows what’s up. He teases his friends a lot, but they obviously mean the world to him. Maybe that’s why he’s always giving them (admittedly good) unsolicited advice, like a Cancer would.




Gemini Sun: witty, intellectual, directionless, inconsistent

Geminis are seen as one of the smartest signs, and with Veronica’s constant literary references and gargantuan vocabulary, it’s clear she has a lot going on. But all that wit and nothing to do with it in a small town like Riverdale leaves her aimlessly winding up in clubs soliloquizing about her life… Which is still a really fucking Gemini thing to do.

Sex and death. Couldn’t be more Scorpio if she tried.

Scorpio Moon: focused, passionate, forceful, ruthless

Veronica is a true Scorpio Moon, with intense emotions, and a charming, flirtatious nature.


Taurus Rising: generous, independent, materialistic, self-indulgent

Veronica definitely comes off as a very materialistic person, but I think she also shows the loyal and generous side to having your rising sign in Taurus. Whenever she wants to make things better for her friends, she buys them gifts, and it’s cute as heck.