Sarah Goes to Prom

the look!

So I’ve been to prom twice before as someone’s date, but this year it was finally time for my own prom. My boyfriend was on a hiking trip so he couldn’t make it, so I decided to wear some ridiculous high heels and go all-out with my look to make myself feel better about going stag. I ended up basically just becoming a part of a three-way-prom-date situation with my two good friends Caelan and Hannah, and spending the day just taking cute pictures with my friends, which I think is what prom is all about. Afterwards I had a bunch of my homies over to my house to celebrate finally reaching THE END OF HIGH SCHOOL. It was a good time.


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How to Solve Your Identity Crisis in 3 Easy Steps (2016)

A SHORT FILM — After a break-up leaves her lost, Magda finds someone to follow in her effervescent best friend Camille— but maybe it’s time to lead her own way.

Winner of Best Visual Design at the VAMPT Film Festival
(and not the winner of anything else cause i was too lazy to look into film fests to send this to lol)

play a game called spot the symbolism it’s fun i promise

March/April Favourites 2016

“Honestly, like, that’s my number one fashion hack, it’s just like: wear shitty clothes and nice shoes, and people will be like, ‘wow, you’re so stylish!'”


Show Week

This is a love letter to high school theatre, and also to high school theatre kids. But mostly to MY high school theatre kids.

Turtleneck Collection

I joked about making this video because iIwas sorta down but also knew that it’s a pretty weird collection video to make but y’know you only live once right so here it is.

LATELY: Volume V

This is what happened on my anniversary with my BAE. Well, except the part where the world just changed colours. that was editing. That didn’t rly happen.

January/February Favourites 2016

“I’m coming at you with a red lip today because I made the mistake of playing basketball with my boyfriend for about five minutes, uh, which resulted in me falling over and hitting my mouth on his head and splitting my lip open a little bit. So, this is just the lip colour in my collection that is the closest to blood.”

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