Nihilist Lock Screens

So I saw this Buzzfeed post full of cheerful phone lock screens earlier and thought they were all very pretty but not very me. I’m not hating on the positive self talk, but I just think nihilism is a whole lot funnier. So I made a bunch of cynical, pessimistic lock screens for cynical, pessimistic people. They’re cropped for the iPhone 5 because that’s what I own, but they should work for most phones. Also, I’m not a graphic designer, so these are extremely amateur, don’t hate me plz. The backgrounds are by various artists whose work will be linked in each lock screen’s caption!




Background image by Andrew Herndon
Background image by Andrew Herndon
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July/August Favourites 2016

Meant to post this BEFORE I went to portland… looks like that didn’t happen ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
I’ll be posting my pacific northwest road trip travel diary as soon as I get it edited so stay tuned!!


Raspberries (ft. Sadhype) – Bae Trojan

Peep this song that my friends made and I wrote/sang some words for! It’s a little heaty but I’m a fan.


I smoke cigarettes with you in the alleyway again and I don’t know what to say
you look at me so expectantly and I don’t wanna disappoint but I might anyway.
I swear to God I’m so tired of pretending it’s not there when it is, it is, it is
and we both know it, we’re just too afraid to blow it so we resist, resist, resist.

I– I wanna close that gap, I wanna cross that bridge, why won’t you let me?
I know we’re not supposed to, but each time I kiss you I taste raspberries.

Well here we are again, what a surprise.
Did you like it so much you came back another time?
I see we never learn, I see we aren’t more wise,
but this is our youth so I suppose we’re in our prime.

I– I wanna close that gap, I wanna cross that bridge, why won’t you let me?
I know we’re not supposed to, but each time I kiss you I taste raspberries.

Sarah Goes to Prom

the look!

So I’ve been to prom twice before as someone’s date, but this year it was finally time for my own prom. My boyfriend was on a hiking trip so he couldn’t make it, so I decided to wear some ridiculous high heels and go all-out with my look to make myself feel better about going stag. I ended up basically just becoming a part of a three-way-prom-date situation with my two good friends Caelan and Hannah, and spending the day just taking cute pictures with my friends, which I think is what prom is all about. Afterwards I had a bunch of my homies over to my house to celebrate finally reaching THE END OF HIGH SCHOOL. It was a good time.


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How to Solve Your Identity Crisis in 3 Easy Steps (2016)

A SHORT FILM — After a break-up leaves her lost, Magda finds someone to follow in her effervescent best friend Camille— but maybe it’s time to lead her own way.

Winner of Best Visual Design at the VAMPT Film Festival
(and not the winner of anything else cause i was too lazy to look into film fests to send this to lol)

play a game called spot the symbolism it’s fun i promise

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