I’ve been feeling stumped creatively lately, so I scrolled through my old photos, hoping I could inspire myself. I found a bunch of photos I had lying around from this spring/summer, and wanted to share some. I have a couple posts lined up, and this one is an exploration in green and purple. Shot at the City Centre Motel in Vancouver, BC, with my lovely friend Sarah, on May 15, 2017.




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It’s You (Heatwave) – Someone Someone ft. Sadhype

My latest song, with producers (and friends) Someone Someone. This track is the opener of their new EP, Terrarium, which you should check out! This is the track I’ve had the most fun writing/recording to date, really enjoyed getting to do all those subtle harmonies.


There’s you
and me.
Who’s used?
We’ll see.

Hot night, cold heart, collide and fuse with my bones.
Silken tongue, devilish thoughts, give and get ’til there’s none.
Red light, jumpstart. Blended scent of colognes.
Only one taking shots, but who’s in front of the gun?

You are a heatwave (heatwave)
and I am a snow day (snow day)
When will one of us get the other one to behave?
How will we ever know who wins this game we play?

Secrets, risqué. We are flowers in bloom.
Closed door, dark room, our skin kissed by perfume.
Weakness in some way, we walk right into our doom.
Standing in a waiting room, we’ll soon enough be consumed.

There’s you (you)
and me. (me)
Who’s used? (used)
We’ll see. (see)

There’s you (you)
and me. (me)
Who’s used? (used)
We’ll see. (see)

West Coast Road Trip, 2017

At the end of June, myself, my sister, and a friend of ours hopped in a car and drove down to LA for the 4th of July. Our friend, Sam, is doing an internship there for the summer, and a bunch of us met up in Los Feliz to share a lil summer adventure. On the way down, we stopped in Seattle, Portland, and San Francisco, and we saw big blue skies and Oregonian coastlines and Californian redwoods. It was gorgeous (although very sweaty), and here’s my proof.

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Cuba, 2017

After my dad died, my mom decided we should all go on a family vacation to somewhere hot and beautiful to make ourselves feel better, so in late May myself, my sister, my mother, my stepdad, my uncle, and our family friend Lindsay wound up in Veradero, Cuba. In classic Sarah fashion, it took me a month to post my travel vlog and photos, but hey, they’re finally here!

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Alberta, 2017

My friends and I went to Alberta for a week in April to kick off the summertime. We spent a day in Edmonton (at the Fantasyland Hotel in the West Edmonton Mall) and the rest of our week in Banff (surrounded on all four sides by the absurdly beautiful Canadian Rockies). It was my first time spending more than just a layover in Alberta, and being in the most artificial place in the world for a day and then the most naturally gorgeous place I’ve ever seen in my life for a week was a strange and wonderful juxtaposition. I’m so happy to have done it with such a fun trio by my side– my friends really made this trip the kind of thing I’ll remember forever and tell my future children about when they ask for tales from my rambunctious youth. Spending a week exploring/hiking during the days and dancing/laughing during the nights was such a privilege and just what I needed at the time to get me out of a weird funk I had been in.

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