Ireland (Dublin & Galway), 2017

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I spent the first week of 2017 exploring Dublin, Ireland with my sister. Here are all the things we did:

  • Jan. 1st: We flew into Dublin from Glasgow, Scotland, on about 30 minutes of sleep. If you want to read about my ridiculous New Year’s Eve experience you can do so here… Needless to say, we didn’t do much for our first night in Dublin.
  • Jan. 2nd: We walked over to Kilmainham Gaol– which unfortunately was SOLD OUT FOR THE WHOLE WEEK, like HOW DO YOU SELL OUT A JAIL– but we got to take a look at their museum and see the main jail area, which softened the blow. We then walked around Phoenix Park, and wound up accidentally walking 12km in total that day…
  • Jan. 3rd: We spent the whole day looking at various museums downtown.
  • Jan. 4th: We woke up at 6am to hop on a day tour to Galway and the Cliffs of Moher– it was absurdly beautiful and probably my favourite thing we did while in Ireland. So much greenery, so gorgeous even with dreary weather, it reminded me of home in that way. It’s crazy to me that you can just drive across and see the entire country in a few hours.
  • Jan. 5th: We visited the Irish Museum of Modern Art, and the Little Museum (an aptly-named small museum all about the history of Dublin).
  • Jan. 6th: For our last full day, we just wandered around aimlessly around the city and along the River Liffey, and checked out a couple museums.

Here are my favourite photos from our week:

Cliffs of Moher
Kilmainham Gaol
Cliffs of Moher
Phoenix Park
Cliffs of Moher
top: Cliffs of Moher | bottom: limestone rocks in the Burren
Cliffs of Moher
Cliffs of Moher
limestone rocks in the Burren, aka Mordor (J.R.R. Tolkien actually spent a lot of time in Ireland while writing the Lord of the Rings)
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Scotland (Glasgow & Edinburgh), 2016


From December 28th until January 1st, my sister and I were in Scotland. To be specific we were in Glasgow from the 28th to 31st, then we spent New Year’s Eve in Edinburgh at their world famous Hogmanay festival. Hogmanay is the Scottish NYE, and they like to go ham with the fireworks. Our night kind of went haywire, but before I get into that, here’s a rundown of the stuff we did:

  • Dec. 28: Meandered along the River Clyde to the People’s Palace, a museum about Glaswegian history.
  • Dec. 29: Went to the Glasgow Necropolis and felt very much like Hamlet (I have this thing with cemeteries… There’s a cemetery by my house that I spend a lot of time at), saw the medieval beauty of the Glasgow Cathedral, and went to the Glasgow Gallery of Modern Art
  • Dec. 30: Wandered the University of Glasgow grounds (um… Hogwarts is that you?), went to the Kelvingrove Art Gallery
  • Dec. 31: Had a TIME AND A HALF at Edinburgh Hogmanay.
left: Glasgow University aka LITERALLY HOGWARTS WTF? | right: Glasgow Necropolis
Glasgow Necropolis
upper: Glasgow University | lower: Kelvingrove Art Gallery

Now, let me tell you a little story about Hogmanay…

So we took an hour-long bus ride from Glasgow to Edinburgh and get there in time to drink some wine and wander around before heading into the street party. The street party goes decently– we saw a really incredible Celtic band and kept warm dancing in the crowd. Every hour on the hour, there’s a small fireworks display leading up to the main event at midnight. Eventually it gets to that time of night and we’re treated to a stunning fireworks display right over Edinburgh Castle to ring in the New Year. I really can’t stress enough how absurdly beautiful it was– and I was sober.

After this the night starts going to smithereens. We’re trying to get out of the crowd but everyone is going different directions at once, so this massive crowd comes almost to a complete standstill, and everyone starts shoving each other to get out of the way. It takes 5 minutes to go 5 metres. Slowly, we get out of there! And out of the street party! But we have nowhere to go… Hostels in Edinburgh all jack up the prices significantly around Hogmanay (a bunk in a hostel dorm was ~$100 Canadian for a night), so we decided to be cheapskates and just pull an all-nighter. It didn’t seem like it would be that hard, the city is wide awake and there’s tons of people everywhere, but neither of us wound up really in the mood for it.

But whatever, right, it’s fine! We just need to kill time until 6am when we have a train back to Glasgow, where we’ll be flying to Dublin. We wandered around this beautiful Scottish city we’d never seen before all night, until finally we can go to the train station and wait for our train.

WELL GUESS WHAT. THERE WERE NO TRAINS RUNNING ON NEW YEAR’S DAY. WHICH SCOTRAIL HAD CONVENIENTLY FORGOTTEN TO MENTION WHEN WE BOUGHT THE TICKET FOR 6AM ON NEW YEAR’S DAY. So that was great. We ended up having to run to the bus station to catch a £30 ($48.82, for my Canadian friends) bus to Glasgow so that we would have time to get to the airport before our 11am flight to Dublin, ALL OF WHICH WE DID ON NO SLEEP.

Don’t ask me why I thought this would be a good idea. I’ve learned my lesson and I will never go outside again.

upper: a lil drunk watching the hourly fireworks at Edinburgh Hogmanay | lower: Edinburgh Hogmanay
left: a performer at Edinburgh Hogmanay | right: Glasgow Cathedral
This was at a mall that we literally only walked into because we saw pretty colours.

Anyway, to end this, here’s a video of just a few seconds from the midnight fireworks in Edinburgh (that almost made all the hell we went through later worth it)…

it's not january 1st yet in vancouver so i'm posting this from the future 👻happy new year!!!

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Happy new year! Next up: Dublin.


*Side note: If you’re wondering why we didn’t just fly to Dublin from Edinburgh, believe me: that was the plan. We booked our flight through GoEuro and it said it was from Edinburgh to Dublin… Later we checked the confirmation email and saw it was actually from Glasgow to Dublin, and they just assumed we had a car and could drive there. LMAO.

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London, 2016


It’s 4:00AM on December 12th and I’ve just woken up after about 2 hours of sleep. I have a plane to catch at 6:45AM from Vancouver to Toronto, where I’ll have a 7 hour layover before hopping on a second flight, this time from Toronto to London, England. If everything goes according to plan, I won’t be home until mid-to-late March. London is just the first stop on the tour of Europe my sister and I are embarking on. It’s 4:00AM on December 12th and I am very, very, anxious. But time, relentless as ever, keeps moving. Soon enough It’s 10:00AM London time (2:00AM Vancouver time) and I’ve just landed at Gatwick Airport. Oh fuck. Holy shit. Here we go.


Here is the rundown of the 10 days I spent in London:

DEC. 13-Explored SohoWe were too exhausted after our long flight to do much other than wandering, but walking out of the Tube at Piccadilly Circus and looking up at the bright lights of the city really was something else.
DEC. 14-British MuseumSuch high ceilings! So much natural light! And free????? How??? But also... Egypt called, they want their shit back.
DEC. 15-Trafalgar Square
-Harry Potter Walking Tour
We saw the IRL Diagon and Knockturn Alley and it was a good time.
DEC. 16-221B Baker Street
-Tate Modern
-Southbank Christmas Market
"All lives end. All hearts are broken. Caring is not an advantage, Sherlock." -Mycroft Holmes, BBC Sherlock

Being in a room full of Rothkos at the Tate made me really happy.
DEC. 17-Regent's Park
-Wellcome Collection
-National Portrait Gallery
-Camden Market
The Wellcome Collection surprised my sister and I by being probably our favourite thing we did in London despite only finding it advertised online as basically a collection of weird shit.
DEC. 18-Hampton Court Palace
-London Bridge Experience
A little known fact about me: I went through a phase of being REALLY obsessed with the Tudors. Needless to say, I was excited to be in Henry VIII's favourite palace.
DEC. 19-Westminster Abbey
-Bus Tour
-Handel & Hendrix Museum
I didn't realize how many dead people you're surrounded by at Westminster Abbey... It's a place equally as morbid as it is beautiful.

The Handel & Hendrix museum was also really fascinating-- the German composer and American rock musician lived right beside each other 200 years apart, and now their former homes are a museum.
DEC. 20-Tower of London
-Tower Bridge Exhibition
-Shakespeare's Globe
This was the day I annoyed my sister by quoting Hamlet even more often than I usually quote Hamlet.
DEC. 21-Lights of Soho
-Camden Pub Crawl
Lights of Soho is a neon art gallery (which, if you've seen my Instagram, you know is very me). We followed it with a pub crawl-- my first ever!
DEC. 22-Sketch
-Hyde Park Winter Wonderland
I've been wanting to go to Sketch (a crazy London restaurant) for ages-- ever since seeing photos of its crazy bathrooms online. For our last day, our friends came and met us in London before we went to Manchester to stay with them and we got tea and cakes at this absurdly gorgeous place.

And here are all my favourite pictures….

the British Museum
left: the place that inspired Knockturn Alley, of Harry Potter lore | right: the reading room at the Wellcome Collection
left: part of the Bedlam exhibition at the Wellcome Collection | right: twirling in royal robes at Hampton Court Palace
left: 221B Baker Street, Sherlock’s home | middle: the British Museum | right: on the steps of the National Gallery in Trafalgar Square
left: buildings near UCL | middle (upper & lower): overlooking the River Thames | right: St. Pancras Station
the ABSURD bathrooms at Sketch London
the Serpentine in Hyde Park
the Serpentine in Hyde Park
the Tate Modern
Oxford Circus
Lights of Soho
Lights of Soho
Lights of Soho

If you’ve made it this far, I appreciate you giving a shit. I’ll be doing my best to keep updating throughout my travels, but if you want to see everything more or less as it happens the best place to do that is my Instagram.

Next up: Glasgow & Edinburgh.


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Tofino, 2016


Every November, my boyfriend’s family goes to Tofino to spend some quality time together. This year they were kind enough to take me along. This video documents the most Pacific Northwestern place I’ve ever been. Seriously, Tofino in November perfectly follows every stereotype anyone has ever had of the PNW.


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Victoria, 2016


Over the Halloween weekend (or Halloweekend, if you will) my best friend and I went to Victoria. This seems to be a bit of a tradition for 18 year old Vancouverites whose friends go to the University of Victoria, because on the 5 hour journey there we bumped into tons of friends of ours who had the same idea.

By the time all my friends who are going to far away universities get back to Vancouver for their winter breaks, I’ll already be in Europe, so I wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to see some of my favourite people before I disappear to the other side of the world for four months.

We were only there for a weekend, and it’s not like it was super far from home, but here are some of the photos I’d like to share of my nice lil crisp Autumn getaway:



















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Shifting Auras

On the first of August last year, my boyfriend and I had our auras photographed by Christina Lonsdale of Radiant Human. She’s Portland-based but her studio is made to travel and function all over the world. I’ve been following her work via her Instagram for around 3 years now and was super excited to have my portrait taken by her last year when she stopped by Vancouver, and then doubly excited when I saw she was making a return this week.

These are the photos we had taken last year:

It’s a nice combination of science and mysticism. Scientifically: your hands are placed on sensors that read your electromagnetic energy, and that information is translated into colour values then overlaid onto a picture of you to create really dreamy, ethereal portraits. Mystically: the colours that appear are interpreted by Christina as reflecting certain parts of your personality. Colours that appear in the top show your thoughts (and what you put into the world), the left shows your self, and the right shows your persona.



A year ago, my aura was almost entirely red and purple, a colour combo Christina deemed “the creative hustler.” At the time, I was much more introverted and that shows in my portrait– my aura doesn’t extend even to the edge of the frame, because I mostly kept my energy to myself. The picture was taken before my senior year of high school began and before I started working in a restaurant and was forced to talk to strangers daily. Now I’ve been out of high school and working full-time for four months. I was so excited to see how my aura might’ve shifted as I have shifted.

colour meaning breakdownorange: creative, confident, independent, collaborative, great people skills, loves a challenge | tan: detail oriented, cautious, logical, strategic, results driven, highly intelligent, works well with structure | purple: visionary, unconventional, nonjudgemental, playful, loves to be inspired and delight others | green: growth, goal oriented, determined, perfectionist, ambitious, self assertive, adaptable, long term awareness

I was not disappointed! Look at what I got yesterday!! So much more than just purple and red, and the colours reach the edge of the image because I’m not an awkward introverted little baby anymore. The green and orange make total sense to me since joining the workforce and discovering that– much to my surprise– I have workaholic tendencies. Not only did I think the interpretation was pretty spot on, but Christina actually remembered my boyfriend and I from when we went last year, which really made my day.

I would love to make this an annual occurrence and see how my energy changes over time・゚ *✧・゚・*

Version 2


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