ode to the cellphone pic

Question: why does everyone hate cellphone pictures so much?

I constantly hear people making fun of “iphoneographers” and using the word like it’s some kind of slur. I just? Don’t? Get it? I mean, the rise of smartphones is one of the greatest technological happenings ever. It’s brought so much into the palm of your hand and the pocket of your jeans. Snapping pictures on cellphones is convenient, and I know that convenience isn’t really a concern for most photographers, but I find that more and more of the little moments in my life that make me feel like being alive is, like, actually a good thing are captured on my phone. Yeah, having a cellphone doesn’t make you some bigshot professional photographer, but I honestly think it can be a decent little step to getting there.

So screw it, not only is this my ode to the cellphone pic, it’s a little glimpse into my world this summer. Everything below was taken on an HTC One V or an iPhone.

26/05/13: my boyfriend and I explored under the SkyTrain tracks and found a shopping cart on the way. Good time.
17/06/2013: joking around with one of my best friends– a bunch of people think we’re dating and we like to egg them on
16/06/2013: went vintage shopping with my friends only to find this FUCKING TERRIFYING HEAD while leaving the store
various days: viiiiiiibes. It sucked and then I Cried by Heather B. Armstrong (that title omg), an E.E. Cummings poem, a page from Crackers and Honey #5
24/06/2013: Went to White Spot for milkshakes then McDonal’s for smoothies with my favourite people. Healthy choices.
08/07/2013: Science World adventure.
08/07/2013: The exhibit being held was about the science of sexuality which is the only reason we went. Here we’re pictured daydreaming about penises… The film was about conception and the couch was comfy, what can I say.
08/07/2013: There are really cool art installations in the outdoors area of Science World and I was particularly taken with this red balls one. I mean, GIANT RED BALLS. GUYS.
12/07/2013: Obligatory pizza picture.
12/07/2013: perfecting the art of the fake drunk girl selfie ✿♥‿♥✿
20/07/2013: late night Vancouver Island wandering
23/07/2013: I saw Avenue Q with Nick and it was frickin gr9
28/07/2013: I just. Every time I hang out with this woman I’m amazed by how much she belongs in an artsy teen movie or a Rookie spread or something.
13/08/2013: Spent the afternoon and evening downtown with a bunch of lovely humans and pretty buildings.
aaaaaaaaaaand lastly I’m not even going to explain this one, it’s just to bother Nick, not gonna lie.

There ya go. That’s what I’ve been doing with my time.

I may hate summer (because sweaters > sweat, I’m a winter girl), but it’s given me some pretty great moments.

Let’sbehonestthoughIreallyjustlovemyiPhone. AndbyiPhoneImeaniSelfieTaker.