this is a crappy video to tell you that ACTUAL GOOD VIDEOS are coming soon to an astrorice near you

I Want Your Feedback

New video up in which I talk about

  1. my content’s quality vs. quantity
  2. making a boyfriend tag video (??????)
  3. how strange it is that so many stores/people are now calling cover-ups kimonos, and an apology for doing that myself
  4. how I sang some words in a song.

Give the video a watch, and the aforementioned song a listen.

June Favourites (I’m Vlogging Again)

In case you missed it, I started vlogging again. My most recent video is my first-ever monthly faves video!

Full rundown of the things I mentioned:


  • American Apparel skirt
  • American Apparel shorts
  • Mac Prep + Prime for Lips
  • Bobbi Brown Gel Liner
  • Old Spice Antipersperant + Deodorant in Swagger
  • Old Spice Sweat Defense Antipersperant in After Hours


  • Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas by Hunter S. Thompson
  • Bob’s Burgers
  • Ghost Stories – Coldplay (album)

You can also watch my last two vlogs here: