I’m a girl from Vancouver who probably got out of bed today, and yes, I am very proud of myself, thanks for asking. I like critical thinking, fashion, film, photography, music, writing, travelling, and making bad jokes. I try to combine the above into a social media presence that is both interesting and visually appealing. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Some notable things I’ve done (if you’re trying to get a feel for me/my work):


  1. hey☺

    i don’t want to appear ostentatious, but i wanted to let you know that i honestly feel that you represent everything that i’m not and that i’d like to be.

    thank you for making my days a little less dull,

    evie x

    1. thank you so much! that’s so sweet.
      important thing to remember though: you’re probably pretty cool. do you. do that.
      also, if you think about it, you can pretty much become whatever you want in life with some effort/luck, even though it’ll probably be hard and slow and shitty.
      but hey
      yolo right
      so do it the way you want???
      and now i sound like self-help bullshit haha but yeah seriously thank u ur a qt

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