So. We’re starting a thing.

Opalside.com (which is currently a working site but is hella ugly because we don’t have a design figured out yet– if you’re willing to help us out with that that’d be super cool) is going to be a website dedicated to the arts of all kinds (with a special focus on photography and poetry) with monthly themed content curated by myself, Sarah Sloan MacLeod, and one of my favouritest people ever, Mikyung Jung. We’re both teenage girls from Vancouver and art fanatics who’d like to offer unsung artists an opportunity to, like, PUBLISH STUFF. ON A REAL, INDEPENDENT, FREE TO USE WEBSITE. BECAUSE HOW COOL WOULD THAT BE.

So you’ve read all this and want to submit? WELL LUCKY FOR YOU THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT WE WANT YOU TO DO.

The first issue’s theme will be IDENTITY. By which we mean, what is an identity? What defines us as people– our sexualities, the places we’ve lived and loved, our aesthetics, our favourite foods? Is identity something you’re born with or do you grow into it? Is it fluid? Is it fate? Can you choose who you become? Who even ARE you, anyway, at the core?

Yes, we know this is super ~~deep~~ and we hope it’s a decently inspiring prompt. There’s also a moodboard below for visual artists looking for inspiration.



clockwise from top left: victor enrich, peter garfieldli hui, alex colville


clockwise from top left: kate lyn sheil, jenny holzerandrew volk, steven reinke


clockwise from top left: ximena forero, still from the wizard of oz, sid blackli hui

If you’d like to apply to join the staff (aka contribute to multiple issues) fill out the form below and just email me at astrorice@gmail.com. We keepin this application and publication process chill. Yo.


URL to a blog/vlog/somethin’ along those lines:



What would you contribute? Attach/link to samples of your work.

  • Poetry – 3 seperate poems (slam poetry is accepted in video or written format)

  • Photography/Illustrations – 5 seperate pieces

  • Videos – 3 seperate pieces

And if you’d like to submit on a one-time-only basis, email the work you’d like to be considered to astrorice@gmail.com.

Aaaaaaaaand finally if you’ve just got questions, ask them in the comment section below, I spend too much time on this website anyway.


Carry on, my wayward sons.


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