A lil somethin’ somethin’ I’ve been lowkey working on all year. 2017 has been ROUGH but I’m so grateful to have seen so many wonderful places with so many wonderful people.

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tw: depression, death

“…frequent and distressing nightmares, along with several other qualities of disturbed dreaming, such as changes in emotional intensity, increased bizarreness, or unusual character interactions, have been associated with specific psychological disorders, including depression…”
Psychology Today

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Zodiac Signs of Riverdale Characters (The Most Extra, In-Depth Zodiac Analysis Edition)

…Because I obviously have nothing better to do with my time.

Look, I grew up voraciously reading Archie Comics. To this day, my nightstand’s bookshelf is filled to the brim with editions of it– I even have a couple in French. I’m also a known fan of garbage teen drama TV shows. When I heard these two glorious things were becoming one, I was stoked. And when I found out it was shooting in my hometown of Vancouver, I was extra stoked. It makes me feel like the comic books I spent my entire childhood reading take place in my own backyard.

Ever since my best friends got me into astrology, I’ve taken to just blaming everything on the stars and trying to decipher the signs of my favourite characters. It’s stupid, but also incredibly fun. I put way too much time and effort into this, but I feel like just assigning someone a sun sign is too vague. Ascribing a sun, moon, and rising sign paints a more comprehensive picture (and hopefully causes fewer people to tell me my personal deductions are wrong). If you’re not a total asshole who’s way too into astrology, like myself, here’s a very basic little rundown:

Sun Sign = Your most basic personality
Moon Sign = How you are emotionally
Rising Sign = The way others see you

Anyway, if you disagree with these, feel free to fight me.

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dancing queen

On June 7, 2017, my friend Sarah decided to forego her high school prom so she could do things her own way– which meant collecting a bunch of her friends for a “fire” themed anti-prom that consisted of delicious Italian dinner and a karaoke party. Here are some of the photos I took that day.


I’ve been feeling stumped creatively lately, so I scrolled through my old photos, hoping I could inspire myself. I found a bunch of photos I had lying around from this spring/summer, and wanted to share some. I have a couple posts lined up, and this one is an exploration in green and purple. Shot at the City Centre Motel in Vancouver, BC, with my lovely friend Sarah, on May 15, 2017.




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It’s You (Heatwave) – Someone Someone ft. Sadhype

My latest song, with producers (and friends) Someone Someone. This track is the opener of their new EP, Terrarium, which you should check out! This is the track I’ve had the most fun writing/recording to date, really enjoyed getting to do all those subtle harmonies.


There’s you
and me.
Who’s used?
We’ll see.

Hot night, cold heart, collide and fuse with my bones.
Silken tongue, devilish thoughts, give and get ’til there’s none.
Red light, jumpstart. Blended scent of colognes.
Only one taking shots, but who’s in front of the gun?

You are a heatwave (heatwave)
and I am a snow day (snow day)
When will one of us get the other one to behave?
How will we ever know who wins this game we play?

Secrets, risqué. We are flowers in bloom.
Closed door, dark room, our skin kissed by perfume.
Weakness in some way, we walk right into our doom.
Standing in a waiting room, we’ll soon enough be consumed.

There’s you (you)
and me. (me)
Who’s used? (used)
We’ll see. (see)

There’s you (you)
and me. (me)
Who’s used? (used)
We’ll see. (see)

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