Hello to whoever may be reading this– I’ve lived in the shadow of the terrible choices of my past (e.g. choosing ‘astrorice’ as an internet moniker for myself) for too long, and decided it’s time to move on. I have a new URL for essentially the same website, only More Grown Up and On Brand, because I am an Adult now, and putting ‘astrorice.com’ on my resumé makes me want to vomit.

This website is staying up for the time being, and I’m working on transferring all of my archive over to the new site (at the moment it’s more of a highlight reel), but no new posts will be found on here EVER AGAIN.

Cheers to growing up,


Playlists for Each Zodiac Sign

10 songs for every sign– I tried to put each playlist together so that it flows through like an album and truly creates a v_i_b_e, so give yours a listen straight through if you have ~40 minutes to spare! Listen to your sun/moon/venus/rising playlists if you really wanna smack yourself with feelings.


fire ・cardinal

Aries are IMPULSIVE and foolhardy, but also adventurous, enthusiastic, and energetic. This playlist is great for listening to before you go to a party, lol.


earth ・ fixed

Warmhearted/loyal as fuck, hardworking but also loves to chill (sometimes to the point of being overly-indulgent), materialistic. This one’s full of bops. I love Taurus.


air ・ mutable

Witty, FUN, artistic– SO MANY INCREDIBLE MUSICIANS are Gems! But also hella indecisive (bcuz mutable) which can lead to self-doubt.


water ・ cardinal


Super emotionally literate, which will either make them SO WONDERFUL and loving and empathic, or moody, salty, manipulative lil bitches. Drake’s line, “having conversations with momma, man my life is a mess,” in You & the 6 is the most Cancer moon shit I have ever heard in my life.


fire ・ fixed


Total attention-craving drama queens but like they’re SO FUN TO BE AROUND and SO FIERCELY LOVING that you’ll wanna give them all the obscene amount of validation they crave.


earth ・ mutable


A Virgo will nitpick EVERYTHING but you’ll let them because they’re funny and somehow hella organized and reliable despite being a mutable sign? How do you do it, Virgos???


air ・ cardinal


Sociable, charming, organized, TALKATIVE. They always seem like they have their shit together but they’re lowkey romantically messy and I N D E C I S I V E.


water ・ fixed


Determined, intense, forceful, passionate, emotional… Scorpio is associated with the 8th house, the house of sex, death/rebirth… So it’s no wonder that they kinda scare my flighty air-dominant ass with their intensity lmao


fire ・ mutable


Optimistic, expansive (loves travel and/or philosophical conversation), RESTLESS/NONCOMMITTAL AS HELL and MESSY. Their escapist tendencies make them undeniably fun to be with though. So many people I love have strong Sag placements.


earth ・ cardinal


Ambitious, disciplined, practical. Capricorns are pessimistic and fatalistic, but somehow still better than everyone else because their shit is SO TOGETHER. I associate Caps with POWER, big-time.


air ・ fixed


Friendly and humanitarian, intelligent and inventive, but unpredictable, unemotional, contrarian. They’re weird, they’re weirdos, they don’t FIT IN, they don’t WANT to FIT IN. I’m really really happy with how this playlist turned out, I think it encapsulates its sign super well.


water ・ mutable


Creative and compassionate, weak-willed and prone to excessive self-pity. If you’ve ever dated a Pisces sun/moon/venus, I can fucking guarantee you they’ve made you some kind of sad love art.


A lil somethin’ somethin’ I’ve been lowkey working on all year. 2017 has been ROUGH but I’m so grateful to have seen so many wonderful places with so many wonderful people.

Pure White Fire, Following

tw: depression, death

“…frequent and distressing nightmares, along with several other qualities of disturbed dreaming, such as changes in emotional intensity, increased bizarreness, or unusual character interactions, have been associated with specific psychological disorders, including depression…”
Psychology Today

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Zodiac Signs of Riverdale Characters (The Most Extra, In-Depth Zodiac Analysis Edition)

…Because I obviously have nothing better to do with my time.

Look, I grew up voraciously reading Archie Comics. To this day, my nightstand’s bookshelf is filled to the brim with editions of it– I even have a couple in French. I’m also a known fan of garbage teen drama TV shows. When I heard these two glorious things were becoming one, I was stoked. And when I found out it was shooting in my hometown of Vancouver, I was extra stoked. It makes me feel like the comic books I spent my entire childhood reading take place in my own backyard.

Ever since my best friends got me into astrology, I’ve taken to just blaming everything on the stars and trying to decipher the signs of my favourite characters. It’s stupid, but also incredibly fun. I put way too much time and effort into this, but I feel like just assigning someone a sun sign is too vague. Ascribing a sun, moon, and rising sign paints a more comprehensive picture (and hopefully causes fewer people to tell me my personal deductions are wrong). If you’re not a total asshole who’s way too into astrology, like myself, here’s a very basic little rundown:

Sun Sign = Your most basic personality
Moon Sign = How you are emotionally
Rising Sign = The way others see you

Anyway, if you disagree with these, feel free to fight me.

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dancing queen

On June 7, 2017, my friend Sarah decided to forego her high school prom so she could do things her own way– which meant collecting a bunch of her friends for a “fire” themed anti-prom that consisted of delicious Italian dinner and a karaoke party. Here are some of the photos I took that day.

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